Samsung S8 Vs S8 Replica

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How to Identify Fake Galaxy S8

How to Identify Fake Galaxy S8:

real or fake

There are Fake, clones and Replica phones of every mobile device are available in the market with cheap prices. Now if you want to buy an original new or second-hand phone but how to identify the original mobile. You can’t say which one is original and which one is the clone. There are some points given below which will let the user recognize the original mobile device.

How To Identify Fake Galaxy S8 Phone is as follows.

a: Check the box on the mobile phone. As we know that the Company box has a logo and looks premium, on the other hand, the Fake S8 box will be somewhat different.

b: Check the accessories you get in the box. There are some Pre packed cables and accessories from the company comes in the box which are

Wall/USB Charger
Micro USB Connector
Stereo Headset
USB Connector
Quick Reference Guide
Product Safety & Warranty Brochure.

c: Check the USB Port. The Samsung S8 comes with a USB C-TYPE PORT at the bottom of the device.

d: Check the REAR CAMERA Setup. Check the Sensors of the phone and their location which will tell whether the device is original or fake.

e: Look for the Bixby Button.

f: Check the Android Version of the Phone.

d: Check the battery power if it is 2000Mah then it is the fake model.

h: Check out the RAM installed inside the device.

i: Finally compare the doubted S8 Fake phone with the Orignal one. This will let you find the difference.

Fake Samsung Galaxy S8+:

The Samsung Galaxy S8+ has its clone available in the market. Now how to differentiate between the fake and original phone. These tips and steps will let you know the truth of the phone. Whether this phone the S8+ worth buying or is just a fake and replica phone.

a: Android OS: Check the OS of the device.

b: RAM: The device has the same RAM. I have different RAM in different variants then it isn’t the original one.

c: Battery has a vital role to find out the fake S8+ phone. The manufacturers are giving a limited battery of 2000Mah to 2200Mah which is insufficient for such a giant phone.

d: Camera Quality is the common way to identify the Fake Samsung Galaxy S8+.

e: Camera Sensor will let you know the truth about the phone under observation.

f: The USB charging point is the key option to find the out the Fake Samsung Galaxy S8+.

g: The Samsung Galaxy S8 Orignal phone comes with USB C TYPE.

h: The Accessories which come in the box along with the mobile phone. Which are

Wall/USB Charger
Micro USB Connector
Stereo Headset
USB Connector
Quick Reference Guide
Product Safety & Warranty Brochure.

Finally, find an original phone the S8+ and compare the phone you are going to buy. This will clearly show you that the chosen device is original or fake.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Vs S8 Clone Price:

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is an expensive device with a lot of improved and advanced features. This device the S8 is a great phone, you will never feed up of this masterpiece. But there is only one problem that this device the Orignal S8 phone isn’t affordable. To buy an S8 real phone, you have to arrange a big amount of money. Especially talking about the School going boys and girls who have a crush to buy these smartphones.

Now let us assume that you are unable to find and arrange the amount of S8 Phone. You still want to have it as it will improve your swag and status among your friends but limited amount to buy the mobile device.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Price is around 700 to 720 Dollars. Depending on the variant of the Samsung Galaxy S8 phone.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Clone phone comes at a price of 140 to 240 Price.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Vs S8 Replica:

Now the world Replica is same as clone and Fake. The Replica phones are available in the market at a cheaper price. The Samsung Galaxy S8 vs S8 Replica shows us that which phone has better specs and properties.

Knowing the complete detail of the Samsung S8 and S8+ phone we can clearly say that the S8 original is the winner of this battle. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Replica may look like the S8 Real but lacks most of the common features.

The RAM of the S8 is 1,2 or 3 GB whereas the S8 original has 4GB of RAM.

The battery in S8 Clone is 2000Mah and S8 real comes with 3000Mah.

Camera, Android OS, Sensors, Weight and much more are totally different in the S8 Clone phone.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Vs S8 Fake:

The Fake mobiles are now easily available in the cellular world of mobile phones. If you want to buy a fake mobile and can’t afford the original device, don’t worry these Fake phones are available at cheap prices. But this should be kept in mind that these fake phones look similar but lack most of the specs and features.

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs S8 Fake is nowadays a common topic over the internet. Everyone wants to know the detail of the Fake and original phone. How to identify and recognize the fake Samsung Galaxy S8 phone.

We have already discussed in detail the features and properties of the S8 fake and S8 original. I think the Samsung Galaxy S8 vs S8 Fake is done now.



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How to Identify Fake Galaxy S8


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