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Samsung Galaxy S10 Specification & Price

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Samsung Galaxy S10: Display, Operating System

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5: Samsung Galaxy S10 Operating System:

Both the upcoming Galaxy S Series Smartphones will have the latest and unknown Android Operating System. According to the rumors and most recent updates, Samsung will release a latest and very fast Android System 8.2, but these are just rumors.

Android 8.2 will be very fast and smooth, and it will open a new era in the Cellular World.

Some other and essential features of Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Edge smartphone are as follow.

1: Super AMOLED Plus technology for Samsung Galaxy S10 Smartphone:

This technology will make both the device look very sharp and bright from all viewing angles. The users will love watching video and movies in cinematic view.

Samsung Galaxy S10 specification & price amoled screeen

2: IP 68 plus Certification in Samsung Galaxy S10 mobile phone.:

This technology will make the device more robust and durable to live longer. Furthermore, it will both the devices dust and waterproof.

The users will be able to record, shoot and take photos while playing and swimming in a pool. It will be a good choice for sea divers.

Samsung Galaxy S10 specification & price water proof

3: Corning Gorilla Glass 6 in Samsung Galaxy S10 mobiles:

Corning Gorilla Glass 6 protection will make both the Samsung Galaxy S Series Smartphone unbreakable. If the smartphone fell to the ground, there will be no damage.

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Samsung Galaxy S10: Display, Operating System

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