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Samsung Galaxy S10 Specification & Price

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Pros & Cons

Specs & Table Review Camera Quality Whats New Price & release date The Good & The Bad

1: Latest Android operating system Oreo 8.0.

2: fast in multitasking.

3: Super AMOLED technology for better viewing quality.

4: Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection.

5: Always on technology for alerts and notifications.

6: Fingerprint sensor enhanced.

7: DSLR quality Cameras.

8: Advanced Facial Recognition System.


1: expensive device.

2: not easy to be carried.


The Samsung Galaxy s10 is one of the most advance and highly modifed smartphone from samsung flag ship, and it is almost the best among its competetor with this range of phones, we higly recommand our visitors if you have a decent budget of $1080 to $1500 and considering camera, quality, Performance, even gaming then this phone is the best among all its competetor.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 specification & price

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Pros & Cons


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